University Grants Commission
Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg
New Delhi-110 002
F. No. UGC/DEB/ 2013
Dated 14.10. 2013
The Registrar/Director
Of all the Indian Universities
(Deemed, State, Central Universities/
Institutions of National importance)
Subject: Equivalence of Degrees awarded by Open and Distance Learning
(ODL) Institutions at par with Conventional Universities/ Institutions
Sir/ Madam,
There are a number of Open and Distance Learning Institutions (ODLis) in
the country offering Degree/ Diploma/Certificate programmes through the mode of
non formal education. These comprise Open Universities, Distance Education
Institutions (either single mode or dual mode) of Central Universities, State
Universities, Deemed to be Universities, Institutions of National Importance or any
other Institution of Higher learning recognized by Central/State/Statutory
Council/Societies registered under the Society Registration Act 1860.
2. A circular was earlier issued vide UGC letter F1 No- 52/2000(CPP-II)
dated May 05, 2004 (copy enclosed) mentioning that Degrees/Diplomas I
Certificates/ awarded by the Open Universities in conformity with the UGC
notification of degrees be treated as equivalent to corresponding. awards of the
traditional Universities in the country.
3. Attention is also invited to UGC circular No F1-25/93(CPP-II) dated 28th
July 1993 (copy enclosed) for recognition of degrees and diplomas as well as
transfer of credit for courses successfully completed by students between the two
types of universities so that the mobility of students from Open University stream
to traditional universities/ institutions is ensured without any difficulty.
4. The Government of India, in exercise of its power conferred under section 20(1)
of UGC Act 1956, issued directions dated 29th December 2012 entrusting UGC with
the responsibility of regulating higher education programme in open and distance
learning (ODL) mode. Consequently, Universities/ Institutions desirous of offering
any programme through distance mode would require recognition of UGC.
5. As you are aware, the Government of India has envisaged a greater role for the
Open and the Distance Education System. The envisioned role may be fulfilled by
recognizing and treating the Degrees I Diplomas/ Certificates awarded through
distance mode at par with the degrees obtained through the formal system of education.
Open and Distance Education System in the country is contributing a lot in expansion
of Higher Education and for achieving target of GER, without compromising on
quality. Non recognition/ non equivalence of degrees of ODL institutions for the
purpose of promotion/ employment and pursuing higher education may prove a
deterrent to many learners and will ultimately defeat the purpose of Open and
Distance Education.
6. Accordingly, the Degrees/ Diplomas/ Certificates awarded for programmes
conducted by the ODL institutions, recognized by DEC (erstwhile) and UGC, in
conformity with UGC Notification on specification of Degrees should be treated as
equivalent to the corresponding awards of the Degree/Diploma/Certificate of the
traditional Universities/ institutions in the country.
Encl: As above
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